Our Rooms

Kakapo's Nest

A glimpse into The Nest, our room for zero to two-year-olds at Eden ELC. Within the Nest our dedicated educators provide a nurturing and loving environment where our infants feel happy, safe & secure.

Through primary caregiving, our infants build a respectful, trusting and empowering relationship with their carer to enable them to be confident and competent learners and communicators.

Our physical space is calm but stimulating with a beautiful and natural outdoor area where our infants are able to interact and explore freely at their own pace.

Kea + Pukeko Rooms

Providing an environment that sparks curiosity, independence and social competence is crucial for the development of our toddlers.
In the Kea and Pukeko Rooms at Eden ELC, our educators ensure that each child feels a sense of belonging and that their emotional well-being is being nurtured.
This supportive environment fosters the confidence needed for our children to learn social-emotional skills, develop their verbal communication and build relationships with one another. It’s important to encourage our toddlers to develop a positive disposition to learning early on so we stay attuned with the individual interests each child develops.

Our educators set up rich learning experiences based on these ideas, capturing our tamarisks’ curiosity, creativity and imagination.

Tui Room

Within the Tui Room at Eden ELC, our educators provide quality early learning experiences to empower our preschool children as they begin to realise their potential and build a strong foundation for later learning.

Through a broad range of individual and group experiences and a play-based curriculum, our Tui tamariki develop learning dispositions such as curiosity, wonder and perseverance.

Social competence is a key focus. Promoting independence and self-help skills forms the foundation for preparing children to become life-long learners. Children are supported to take responsibility for their own learning and are encouraged to share it with those around them.

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